We are always in need of a few extra hands. Our needs are many and sometimes the laborers can be few.  We understand that many people work other jobs and have other commitments and we are more than willing to work with our volunteers and help them maintain their priorities: God, Family, Work, and Volunteering.  As difficult as it can be to find a free moment, you would be surprised at what can be accomplished with just an hour of your time.  As a community working together we can accomplish a lot.

Please, don’t limit your volunteer efforts to simply those listed below, feel free to stop by anytime or give us a call to find out what our current needs may be.

  • Sorters: Our biggest volunteer need!  It involves going through clothes & other items. They must be sorted by size, sex, season and then counted, boxed, labeled correctly and stored so that they can be easily retrieved. Nine times out of ten we have all of the needed items, but what we lack is the laborers necessary to prepare it.  Please prayerfully consider giving an hour or more of your time weekly to assist us in this most important of areas.
  • Building Cleaning: We are always in need of additional hands to help keep our building clean.  Dusting, moping & doing the small jobs that can’t be attended do on a daily basis are always a bigger help then you know.  In addition to the extra help needed inside, we are always in need of people to help with the outside maintenance of our facility.  Mowing, weed eating, and landscaping are among a few of the many needs that we have in this area.
  • Pickup & Take Off: From time to time we may need to have people available who are willing to pick up a large or oversized item being donated.
  • Loaders: We need lots of extra help when the time comes to load our truck for a trip to take clothing and household items across the states to assist another area in need.  We like to keep a list of people willing to give of their time to help us load the truck on these occasions.

There are so many other areas of need that we cannot possibly list them.  If you are available to assist us in anyway it would be greatly appreciated.  Please call us at 270-249-0190.